Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Norman Store Is Closed

Norman Store Is Closed
We said "See you later" to many, many of our good friends in the last few days.  Lots of hugs and only a few tears were shared, as we go on to the next chapters in our lives.  Patchwork Place as a retail has been a part of many of our lives for years, but things do change.  We will see each other at the Patches groups and at quilt shows.
Watch the website for a new blog for the Patches groups, and also dates for the quilt shows where Patchwork Place will be vending.
Thank you for adding so much to our lives over the last few years.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Closing Store

By now, most of you have heard that Billie and Tom have decided to retire from the day-to-day world of retail quilt shops. 
The shop on 24th Ave NW in Norman, OK will close the end of June 2012.  Our last day of shopping in the store will be Tuesday, June 26th.
We will continue to see you at quilt shows, and will be expanding and refreshing our on-line business.
The fabric in our shop is getting down to a manageable amount so we can move it to a smaller space.  
We are looking forward to our final Finish Line on Friday, the 22nd.  Come if you can and enjoy the many friends we have made over the years.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Patchwork Place Shop Damage

Guess I have been waiting for some good news before "blogging". But there is little or no good news following the water damage we had last August 1st. Little did I know that we would be closed for the entire month of August. There was water damage to our walls, mainly insulation, because a pipe broke in the business next door. Getting the repairs done has been a monumental task, we hear a lot of stories and see very slow work to get us up and running again. The fabric is all stacked on tables in the classroom and the floor in our fabric room is still a mess. Now "they" say the carpet will be here Tuesday, August 30th. We should be able to open around Labor Day.
We do have new fabrics, so hang in there everyone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Shop Hop is On Amy's Blog

Take a look at Amy Bradley's blog. She shares her adventures on the Road to Oklahoma Shop Hop. She and her Mom were having a delightful time shop-hopping. Go to http://www.amybradleydesigns.com/ and click on her blog, to see everyone's picture, that's mine here.

Our shop is ok. We survived another storm in Norman. Quite a scary evening we had on the east side of Norman where I was. That wind hit with no warning this time and did major damage. The shop was slow getting everything up and running this morning, but we did it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Spring finally got here, summer is just a few days away - and already I'm complaining about the summer heat! I just have a hard time with it. But my goal is to stay cool by staying inside and piecing a quilt top.

The Road to Oklahoma Shop Hop will be over in just a few hours. I'm not too sure where the last year went but I do know we have had a lot of quilters in the shop the last 3 days. As always, they were friendly, patient (thank goodness!) and courteous. We have always been appreciative of all our customers and enjoy meeting the new people from out of town who visit our store. They aren't shy with their comments about the shop (they seem to like it) AND they are always courteous!

I'll be back to post more in a couple of days - There are meetings to attend after Shop Hop and they start in the morning.